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Ardent Admissions

Get into your dream school.

It takes a community to navigate the pathways to college. Join ours. 

Our team of counseling experts will be your mentors, coaches, and top supporters. We match you to the best opportunities to explore your interests and passions. 

Over the past 10 years, more than 90% of our alumni attend Top 30 Universities with the majority of students receiving at least one admission to an Ivy League School.

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Students and families served


of students admitted to top 30 colleges


higher admission rates

frequently asked questions

At what age can my student join Ardent Counseling?

As early as seventh grade. Your academic track starting in middle school will lay the foundation for the rest of your academic plans in high school and onward. Now is the time to start exploring your interests and building leadership and experience.


College admissions become more competitive every year, and standing out in the crowd will take more than just high grades and test scores. Ardent Admissions is dedicated to building your student's holistic profile, from recommending extracurricular activities and editing research applications, to essay brainstorming and academic supervising, we ensure that your student has every opportunity to attend their dream school. 

How do I join?

Request a free consultation and a member of our team will reach out to set up a time to meet. We think that it's necessary to get to know each other so we are better able to help your family. After all, you are not just joining our program - you will be joining a community!

Schedule your free consultation

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