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Pathways to college
webinar series

Check out clips from our free webinar series on top trends in college admissions, insider tips, and advice from leading experts on how to plan for college. Don't miss out—subscribe to our emailing list to RSVP for the next one!

how to gain a competitive edge through stem

With a dizzying amount of admissions news coming from the College Board every week, it can be easy to get lost in information. How will the SAT be administered in the pandemic era? Should I even submit a test score if it’s optional for the school I’m applying to? Does applying early really improve my chances?

In part one of his webinar, How to Gain a Competitive Edge Through STEM, Dr. Li gives this advice: don’t chase news, focus on trends.

Dr. Li explains five of the more important trends:

  1. More Competitiveness into Top Colleges

  2. Test Optional, but Preferred

  3. Quality over Quantity in Academics & Activities

  4. Care for Others and Do Common Good

  5. More Students Apply Early

An Analysis of UC Berkeley Engineering Admission Requirements

In part two of his webinar, How to Gain a Competitive Edge Through STEM, Dr. Li analyzes admissions requirements using UC Berkeley’s highly selective Engineering program as a case study.

Four steps to build competitiveness through STEM

How to stand out as a STEM student? With numerous STEM programs to choose from, Dr. Li gives tips on how to select the best match for your student. The pathway to college can be tricky to navigate but we give you precise tips on how to find your way.

Dr. Li explains four steps to be a top STEM student:

  1. Accelerate in Math

  2. Select One Academic Focus

  3. Develop Personal Brand

  4. Be a Winner

Ardent Chat highlights

What projects should students focus to build college competitiveness? Dr. James Li shares top industry secrets for students interested pursuing studies in Artificial Intelligence (AI) in high school, college, and beyond. With today's swiftly advancing technological society, it's critical not to miss this opportunity. Click on the video to learn more.

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