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Compare our programs below to find the best fit for your student.

Call (949) 861-2211 or schedule a free consultation to speak with a representative.


high School Applications

For middle schoolers focused on  application guidance to private high schools and boarding schools.


Grades 7-10

Standard annual renewable contract starting in July or Mid-Year contract starting in January to provide holistic academic guidance.

Graduation Day

Grades 11-12

Two-year combined contract including summer program and comprehensive college application guidance, including personal essays. 

personalized, comprehensive guidance



Assess student's academic interests and strengths, select middle and high school classes to set course to college and career


Personal development

Teach study skills and time management, provide individualized coaching for interpersonal development 


Extracurricular pursuits

Select summer programs and internships, competitions, research, and scholarships opportunities to enhance student profile

College Apps.png

College applications

For juniors and seniors; select colleges and majors, conduct mock interviews, assistance with letters of recommendations, and more


Leadership & Community service

Develop personal talents and explore career pathways, select organizations to give back to the community


Essay editing

For juniors and seniors; several rounds of planning, brainstorming, and revising college essays with writing professionals

What do our programs include?

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