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Make the Most of Your Virtual College Tour & Top Colleges to "Visit"

The last year has transformed college admissions, including the options we have to visit schools. As travel became restricted, many universities offered new, detailed virtual college visits and have made their faculty and student body readily available to answer questions. Visiting a school campus can often be pivotal to deciding on a college. Here are some tips on how to make the most of your virtual tour:

  1. Treat the virtual visit just like you would if you were physically present on campus.

  2. Be intentional with your tour—do not just "tap" away at the screen. Explore clubs and organizations that you are interested in. Check out dining, freshman dorms, and campus life.

  3. Ask questions and talk to a person if you can. Arrange your tour so that you can speak to an admissions officer, the financial aid office, counselor, students, etc. and cover the basics. Ensure that you connect to a real live human; they are usually standing by and eager to talk to prospective students, too!

  4. This goes without saying, TAKE NOTES. You will visit many schools and talk to numerous people. Ask similar questions to each school you visit so that you can compare at the end.

  5. Sign up for any mailing lists and share your contact information with the school. Stay in touch!

Top Colleges to Visit in 2021

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